The Liquid Alchemy Story

Liquid Alchemy, an artisan distillery, was created by Jürgen Voigtländer and Mary Bronsteter in 2012.  A lifetime of passion and commitment for craft distilling  is evident in every sip of our hand crafted spirits and liqueurs.

We use the best ingredients available, as local and organic as possible. And just like our region's Craft Beer Brewers, we value tradition yet embrace the art of creating new spirits with the bountiful blessings of Nelson's local organic fruit, botanicals and nuts.

Our hand built Carl Jacob German copper still, sourced from the world’s oldest still makers, creates the smoothest, most intensely flavoured spirits.

Jürgen, the distiller, is also the cooper at Nelson Cooperage at Founders Heritage Park and is very selective about choosing the best barrels to age our whiskeys, rums and ports assuring the finest quality.

Stop.  Sip.  Savour.  Welcome to craft distilling.